Maintenance of Credentialing


Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) Réadaptation Psychosociale (RPS) Canada (PSR/RPS Canada)is a leader in transforming the mental health sector to be an inclusive society where people achieve full social inclusion.





Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Recovery Practitioner (CPRRP)

Maintenance of Certification (MoC)

PSR/RPS Canada’s promotion of psychosocial rehabilitation recovery-oriented practices is the basis on which the organization was developed.   Through the provincial Chapters and national events PSR/RPS Canada has promoted education which encourages and fosters lifelong learning for members.

There is a requirement for the Certified Psychosocial Rehabilitation Recovery Practitioner (CPRRP) to be engaged in lifelong learning. CPRRPs are required to report 35 Maintenance of Certification credits over a three year period immediately preceding the certification expiration date with a minimum of 10 credits in Category I and 25 credits in Category II.  Credits from Category I can be carried to Category II but the reverse credit allotment is not permitted.

PSR/RPS Canada has opted for a two-category (Category I and Category II) MoC process, giving priority to national and Chapter educational activities. 

The ongoing education requirement is to ensure that continued learning addresses the Competencies of Practice for Canadian Recovery-Oriented Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioners.  For this reason, certain training activities are not permitted to be recorded as MoCs.  Examples include CPR/First Aid; Emergency/Disaster Plan and Fire Safety, staff training, organizational retreats/meetings, WHIMS and other agency specific skills training.  Courses taken towards a degree/diploma are not permitted. 

Each CPRRP will record their training in the online membership portal. Proper documentation must be maintained and produced upon request of the certification committee will be required, as necessary. For example, hours of participation on a committee will require validation by the Board/Committee chairperson. 

The continuing development of training opportunities which can be used towards the MoC is overseen by the Education Committee of PSR/RPS Canada and is subject to change as deemed appropriate by PSR RPS Canada board when deemed appropriate.  

Table of acceptable training/education events

1/1 is one credit for every hour of educational content

1/2  is one credit for every two hours of educational content

Types of Credits

Maintenance of Certification

Category I


PSR/RPS Canada Organized Activity

Number of Credits

Maintenance of Certification

Category II


Non - PSR/RPS Canada Organized Activity

Number of Credits







Articles written for a PSR/RPS Canada Publication



Article on rehabilitation/recovery in a non-PSR/ RPS Canada publication




Reviewing articles for Canadian Community Mental Health Journal


Serve on Chapter Board of Directors


Active Member of  PSR/ RPS Canada committees,


Activities directly related to Registry; item writer, marker, reviewer, etc.


Activities related to Educational program; presenter of a webinar, organization of chapter educational events.



















CPRR practitioner participating in a Board/Committee/ Task Force outside of their professional duties



Educational Events

Attendance at Chapter educational events or PSR /RPS Annual Conference


Papers presented, or educational sessions delivered at the National or Chapter conferences. Credits only available for the premier presentation – not for repeats.












Educational Conferences related to Recovery and/or PSR as sanctioned by PSR/ RPS Canada



Completion of approved PSR degree/diploma


Obtaining a Masters in a related field


Obtaining a Phd in a related field


Teaching experiences that are relevant to rehabilitation recovery-oriented practices





















Self-directed learning Projects


PSR /RPS Canada Certification

Completion of Practitioner Certification




Strategic Alliances/Partnerships

Yet to be determined