PSR British Columbia

Our Purpose

PSR-BC is an association of individuals and organizations that work to achieve full community participation of persons with mental health issues. We promote the principles and practices of psychosocial rehabilitation through practice standards, education, quality outcome measures, advocacy, and public policy.


1983 clubhouse programs were run in BC by New View Society and at Stepping Stones in 1988
1987 Assertive Community Treatment program at Riverview Hospital. ACT teams were set up in Victoria using an interdisciplinary team approach.
May 1992 approval was obtained at the IAPSRS Conference in Oakland for BC to become the 22nd chapter of IAPSRS.
1997 Vancouver hosted an IAPSRS conference which was only the 2nd time that such a Conference was held outside the USA . Over 1500 people attended.
2004 PSR BC put on a national conference which was attended by 300 people from across Canada.

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Board Members   

Regina Casey, Co-Chair /Education 
Matthew Laing, Secretary / Membership  / Education
Gill Walker, Ex-officio
Michael Lee, Vice Chair  / Education
Susan Boyce, Membership Chair
Jody ter Weeme    
Heather Boyes     
Amanda Berg, Privacy Officer
Janet Burden     
John Higenbottam     
Don Palmer     

About PSR BC Board Members


Gill Walker

Hi, my name is Gill Walker. I am an Occupational Therapist at Community Psychiatric Services, a community mental health team, in North Vancouver where I have been working for four years. One of my passions at work is involving people in recovery from mental illness in service provision. Currently, I am involved in the Sea to Sky Peer Support Program. I am also interested in social enterprise an am currently part of a team setting up a coffee shop on the North Shore using this model.



Jody ter Weeme

Having experienced first-hand the realities of living with mental health challenges, Jody has put significant effort over the past several years into being a voice for policies and programs that build understanding, change behaviours and improve attitudes about mental health in the community.  She is particularly proud of her participation in Imagining Inclusion's PhotoVoice project, an initiative to visually record in terms of community, inclusion, health and wellbeing the experience of people who have lived with mental health issues.  In addition to exhibiting her own photos, Jody wrote reflections on her experience, participated in a peer task group, wrote a newsletter article, and coordinated a PhotoVoice exhibit at teh Canadian Memorial United Church.  She is a member of the Participant and Family Voice Committee with CMHA - Vancouver, as well as the Family Advisory Committee for the new psychiatric hospital currently under construction at Vancouver General Hospital.  Being a member of the PSR Board BC is yet another exciting avenue to living out my vision - a voice for mental health. 


Don Palmer

My interest in psychosocial rehabilitation began over 20 years ago.  I've been Coordinator of the Peer Support Team at BCSS - Victoria Branch the last 4 years and a Social Worker since 1991.  In 2004, I learned that I had been experiencing symptom of Bipolar Disorder for at least 7 years and the need for psychosocial rehabilitation became personal.  I know my mother, father and a least one brother would have had far better lives had they been introduced to the concept.  Becoming a member of PSR-BC is the natural next step for me in my professional and personal evolution.  I look forward to contributing and learning as much as I can.



Regina Casey

Regina has been a community based Occupational Therapy Clinician with an interest in PSR and Recovery for the last twenty years. She is currently a PhD student looking at the concept of meaningful activity with people who live with a diagnosis with schizophrenia.  She also very much enjoys co-teaching PSR and Recovery in the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at UBC.  She is interested in, developing links between PSR-BC and the Mental Health Community, new policy developments resulting from the work of the Mental Health Commission and in involving people who receive mental health services in sharing information regarding their lived experiences of best and promising mental health practices.



Amanda Berg

My name is Amanda Berg.  I was diagnosed with bipolar and complex post traumatic stress about twenty years ago.  Using psychosocial rehabilitation through peer support and other wellness tools has enabled me to work and lead a healthier lifestyle.  I currently work at Open Door group and facilitate a Photo voice study with Douglas College.  I also am the Peer facilitated workshop coordinator at Vancouver Coastal Health.  I plan and organize mental health recovery based workshops for hospitals, mental health teams and in the community.  I think PSR is awesome and I am looking forward to being on the board. 



Michael Lee

Michael trained as an Occupational Therapist about 30 years ago and also practiced as a Certified Psychiatrist Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) for more than 10 years.  He enjoys working with people with mental illness and is passionate in supporting their recovery.  He worked in both hospital and community settings and offers consultations on psychosocial rehabilitation.  Currently, he works at UBC as the curriculum coordinator for the Master of Occupational Therapy Program and also teaches psychosocial rehabilitation to OT students.  This is his second term serving on the PSR Board.  Through serving the PSR-BC chapter, he hopes to advocate for best practice in psychosocial rehabiliation in our community.



Matthew Laing

Matthew has worked in the mental health services field since 2007.  He began work in a clubhouse setting with Langley’s Stepping Stone Community Services Society.  Following, Matthew worked in direct service in clubhouse, supported housing, and homeless outreach, before moving into an Assistant Program Manager position with Options Community Services’ Clubhouse Program. He also spent a year following graduation managing a research lab at UBC Psychiatry, has lectured for students in a Mental Health and Addictions Worker program, and was a guest editor for the August 2013 issue of Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Addictions journal.  Matthew is currently a full-time student at the University of British Columbia where he is pursuing a Master’s of Social Work, and is the Coordinator of BC’s first Psychosocial Rehabilitation Advanced Practice, operating through Douglas College.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from UBC and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Psychosocial Rehabilitation from Douglas College.

He has served on the PSR board since March 2012.


Heather Boyes

Heather is an Occupational Therapist with a Master's Degree in Leadership and Training.  She has a passion for rehabilitation and recovery and has worked in mental health for 25 years.  Heather has supported initiatives and participated on projects, committees and boards for CAOT, BSCOT, COTBC and UBC School of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy.  Heather has been a member of PSR Canada since establishment and is currently employed by Interior Health Authority of British Columbia in a leadership role.  Throughout her career Heather has embraced opportunities to promote empowerment and recovery with individuals, teams, and organizations.



Susan Boyce

Susan Boyce has a B.A. from the University of Ottawa and is a recent graduate of the PSR post graduate diploma program at Douglas College.  As a mental health consultant, Susan has participated in focus groups, web and video projects.  With a keen interest in the field of Mental Health and a background of lived experience, Susan is a highly motivated and passionate advocate for Mental Health.



Janet Burden

Janet Burden is the Executive Director of Stepping Stone Community Services Society and West Fraser Housing in Langley, B.C.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Adult Education and has worked in the mental health field for over 24 years.  She is committed to the practice of psychosocial rehabilitation with a focus on recovery.  She has a strong philosophy of working collaboratively in the community to promote community integration and improve services for people living with mental health issues.



John Higenbottam

Dr. John Higenbottam is a clinical psychologist who has held senior clinical management positions in British Columbia   including Vice President, Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre, and Vice President, Riverview Hospital.

John currently is a health care consultant as well as Manager, PSR Advanced Practice and Coordinator, Graduate Diploma Program in PSR, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC as well as  Clinical Associate Professor, in the Department of Psychiatry, UBC.

John is a Director and Treasurer, PSR/RPS Canada and Co-Chair, Canadian Alliance for Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) which is Canada’s major alliance of 18 mental health professional and stakeholder organizations. 

John’s major clinical and research interests are in developing, implementing and evaluating effective; recovery orientated mental health systems and services.